"Legs Up"


A quirky, fun handstand number on canes. Legs Up plays with the timing of small movements to the rhythm of the music. In a playful, detailled way Anne balances on 2 arms, one arm, her belly, back and sometimes even on her feet.


Turn things upside down and see if they look any better.



"Hoopsie daisy"


This is a playful one hoop number. It uses the elasticity of the hoop in a fun way. It pops, sparkles, roles, flows and flys. Come and be part of the blue sparkly little world of hula hooping.



"Friday the 13th"


This act is Anne's Exit, with which she graduated Esac in June 2018.


A special entrance, a surprising movement quality on hands and a playful character nourish the number. Anne plays with anticipations of the spectators. With the clear message of her character the act keeps an easyness and comprehensibility. The clumsy girl can't stay on her legs, but is completly stable on hands. Like that a fun way of handbalancing is represented.






An act with balloons and canes. The handbalancing act playes with the proximity of audience and artist. A cynical, glittery birthday party. Anne takes the audience into her own ironic party. She moves on her hands, on one arm, in the audience. She turns, blows, whistles, repeats and shares this experience with her invitee. A light, amusing and playful act.


Taste a grapefruit and see yourself.